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Sixty seconds with with Jesper Anderberg



Indy: It's no secret that part of what makes The Sounds work is that you have attitude. Why is attitude important for this group?

JA: When people say "attitude," they think negatively about it. We don't do that. Attitude for us is something positive. We have attitude in our live show because we feel confident in what we do. I think people can see we have attitude, but we're not like, maybe cocky in a way. ... We love when people come up and talk with us.

Indy: You say you had to write the new CD, Dying to Say This to You, on a tight schedule. Did you worry that you were putting yourselves under the gun with the deadline?

JA: You always have doubts. That kind of comes with the work. ... But we wrote songs in the first few days and everything started to fall into place. That felt really good. We knew we were good songwriters, and we just had to focus on writing songs instead of focusing on [deadlines].

Indy: The new CD retains the fun, upbeat, power-pop feel of the first CD, Living in America. But there are also some more introspective songs. What brought out that new dimension in the music?

JA: We played, like, 500 shows after the first album, and we figured out that our live show doesn't have to be 12 songs of punk rock all the way through. The audience has to have a chance to [take a breather]. So that's why we tried to make the album a bit broader.

At Denver's Ogden Theatre, Friday, April 28

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