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The Reminders Opening for Sol-illaquists of Sound The Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave. Tuesday, May 15, 8 p.m. $8, all ages; visit

There isn't a genre in hip-hop that can confine The Reminders. Their harmony, wordplay, flow and lyrical substance blend together to make a sound that can only be described as "soulful."

Colorado Springs duo Samir and Aja have made music together since 2004. Rebellious in its positive, peaceful nature, their music is the result of two distinct artists learning from each other.

"I came from a background of just rapping," Samir says. "Then Aja helped with singing and harmonizing. I helped her with performing."

The result can be heard on a variety of mixtapes floating around at Independent Records, The Reminders' MySpace page and the merchandise tables when they perform at The Black Sheep.

"The Black Sheep is the only venue to do something now," Samir says. "There are no venues, but there are a lot of artists that are really active. We go out there and branch out."

Although there's frustration about the lack of outlets in Colorado Springs, The Reminders refuse to sit around and complain. They hope to release a new, not yet titled, album by the end of the month.

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