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The Principal’s Office mixes coffee and cocktails, but not how you think


  • Griffin Swartzell
We’ve praised the cocktail program at this Ivywild School spot for some time, as well as its quality coffee. Those two fields have mixed, and the PO menu now features coffee cocktails. Not cocktails made with booze and coffee, though they have a few of those, but cocktails built on coffee instead of alcohol. We try a cold brewhito ($4.50). The 12-oz drink comes in a highball glass and is anchored by cold brew coffee made from Loyal Coffee’s 00 blend beans, also their go-to espresso blend. To that, they add muddled mint, lime and simple syrup. The lime plays nice with citrus elements in the coffee, with the sugar taking any acidic edge off and the mint adding herbal complexity. It’s a creative coffee drink that isn’t a sugar bomb, and we’re plenty happy.

Speaking of sugar bomb, we accompany our brew with a bear claw ($3.95) from the nearby Old School Bakery. Expect tender pastry with a pleasant almond filling.

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