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The new Taylor Swift carries an odd feeling


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Let’s set aside the rumors that Taylor Swift is a secret pal of the alt-right, and instead consider the unmistakable dance-floor diva attitude that’s accompanied each new musical makeover. In an ideal world, a scruffier Swift might be informally jamming with Americana stars — but this is far from an ideal world. The biggest fault in Swift’s emancipation is her attribution of importance to pop-star spats with the likes of Katy Perry. There are indeed many fine arrangements and paeans to empowerment on Reputation, such as “Getaway Car” and “New Year’s Day,” but they carry that odd feeling of early-1980s Ms. magazine articles that encouraged women to win in a man’s world by emulating ruthless CEO behavior. Swift is such a great songwriter, she still has a chance to get back on track by limiting self-centeredness and superficiality. Unfortunately, there are few signs she’s headed in that direction.
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