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The Murder Formula

The Black Sheep, Sunday, July 22



The Murder Formula

The Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave., 227-7625 Sunday, July 22, 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $8.

Kevin Zirfas, vocalist for The Murder Formula, was sitting around one night watching Star Wars with his brother and bandmate, Chris, when inspiration struck.

"Han Solo," the television blared, "you're a bad boyfriend!"

Kevin and Chris immediately knew that Star Wars-inspired line would make for a perfect song title. Their bandmates, TJ Cenon (guitar), Spencer Lamb (bass), Byron Kottenstetten (synth) and Luke Gordon (drums), agreed.

Clearly, the six members of The Murder Formula don't take themselves too seriously.

"Our biggest goal with the band is to do wacky things at shows," Zirfas says. "We just want to have fun with what we are doing."

At first, even the name The Murder Formula sounded too heavy to the current band members it didn't reflect the overall message they wanted to send.

"Our ex-guitarist and ex-drummer made it up," explains Kevin. "At first we didn't like it, but it gained a reputation."

The name certainly demands attention. But most people who haven't heard The Murder Formula's sound think the band's just another punk outfit. Zirfas wants to correct that assumption.

"We create different sounds with different keyboards," he says. "We try to be unique."

Angela Grosshans

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