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An increasingly zany presidential race and last-gasp reruns of winter are leaving many of us stir-crazy, if not mad as March hares. April Fools' Day couldn't come at a better time.

Amy Colwell
  • Amy Colwell

Amy Colwell of the west side is a retired teacher.

Describe the best April Fools' joke ever played on you. My friends removed all the furniture in my classroom and hid it in other rooms. I came in next morning to a totally empty room.

What's a memorable April Fools' joke that you've played? Pretending to be her supervisor, I wrote a letter to a teacher friend. I put some really bizarre things in it, assuming she'd see right through it. She didn't. I felt bad.

Name a prank you'd love to pull. Tell some unsuspecting friend on election day that Donald Trump won and is now president of the United States. God help us.

Laura Ramsey
  • Laura Ramsey

Laura Ramsey of Larkspur is a marketing manager.

Relate the best-ever April Fools' Day joke played on you. When I got to work there was a pink slip on my desk telling me I'd been fired. I walked out to the parking lot to find several colleagues in the same boat. The VP of our division came out laughing and saying "April Fools!" He took us out to lunch, so it worked out okay.

What's the best one you've played? We got even the following year by installing jail bars and a pay phone in that manager's office. We handed him a bag that had $40 of quarters and told him he couldn't leave until he'd called all his friends and raised $10,000 for charity. And it only took him 45 minutes!

What April Fool prank would you love to play? My husband has a Harley-Davidson fetish. I'd remove all the furniture in our house, go to a Harley-Davidson dealership, bring home 40 Harley-Davidsons and fill every room with them.

Who would you designate as The National Fool for April 1st? My daughter is an aerialist who performs at The Mansion every weekend. She's the most cheerful, fun person I know; she'd make the perfect National Fool in all the best-possible senses of the role.

Grace Booth
  • Grace Booth

Grace Booth of the Bear Creek neighborhood works for a medical devices company.

What's the best April Fools' joke you've heard of? My grandpa and his uncles managed to get a cow on the roof of the high school. It made the front page of the town paper.

Relate an April Fools' prank you'd love to pull. Having pies delivered to various people that would be "delivered" in their faces — and take pictures.

Who would you designate as The National Fool for April 1st? Ken Kesey would be the ideal choice, but he's dead.

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