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The intensity of Inelements



I've never actually witnessed Steve Huckaby walking across the top of an audience (think crowd-surfing, only vertically), but I have seen photographic proof of it. The Inelements frontman first tried it out during a performance of the band's "Walk on Water" at the Black Sheep, where the group was opening for a sold-out show by touring alt-metal band Hurt.

Meanwhile, whenever I've gone to Inelements shows that haven't been sold out, Huckaby's antics have been no less kinetic, even though they've been confined to the stage. A major presence on the local scene, Inelements have also undertaken national tours, both on their own and as supporting act for major-label band 10 Years.

This Saturday, you'll find Huckaby once again swinging from the Black Sheep's rafters while singing and screaming — both in perfect tune — at the band's CD release show. It's a six-song collection called The Warning, and the title track has been stuck in my head, in a good way, for weeks now.

This issue's cover story, which begins here, features an extensive interview with the Inelements vocalist, covering everything from post-traumatic stress disorder to an improbable shift from pop-R&B to alt-metal. We also pay a visit to Enharmonic Studios, where the rest of band holds court on the new CD's more concise, but no less intense, sonic approach.

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