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The Hangar hits on all cylinders


  • Matthew Schniper

Our bartender Lisa totally makes our visit to The Hangar a blast. She cracks jokes as we sit at her bar on a sleepy Sunday afternoon (though I’m pretty positive she’s never actually fought a dude out back). I do believe her when she recommends menu items that feature the house corned beef. So the Ruben sandwich [sic] it is, bearing a fine commercial marbled rye, tangy Thousand Island and requisite melted Swiss cheese with ample caraway-seed-forward sauerkraut. The chipped corned beef is indeed pretty outstanding as homemade versions go.

A bottle of Colorado Native’s Olathe Sweet Corn Lager, the most hoity-toity beer selection available, pairs perfectly with its sweet edge and crispness, especially poured in a frozen mug — a standard Pueblo treatment best I can tell, not typically done in craft houses for fear of killing subtle aromas and flavors. But it’s around 100 degrees outside.

A neat pour of Maker’s 46 always proves to be an elevated sipping experience and The Hangar’s not shy on their pour volumes. Lisa shares some lore about the aviation-themed bar, leading up to new ownership about a decade ago, which ushered in a more gourmet bar food menu recommended to us by locals. Also, I dig the Colorado Lottery machine nearly within arm’s reach of my bar stool. 
Location Details The Hangar
100 23rd St.
Pueblo, CO

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