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The Fuji X100T is a great camera for shutterbugs


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When considering the purchase of a new digital camera the first rule is this: Never buy the newest version. I learned this the hard way in 2006 when I had purchased two brand new Canon 5D's.

At the time they were Canon’s flagship camera and the perfect tool for what I needed. The problem, however, was that digital cameras have a much shorter shelf life than film cameras.

Within a year, my cameras were outdated. But because they were new and expensive when I bought them, I was stuck and I ended up using them for nearly 10 years.

Since then, digital cameras have come a long way. There is the advent of the mirrorless camera that offers photographers silent shooting and much higher ISO’s so you can make pictures at night that you could never pull off with film.

And then there’s the matter of size. Camera manufacturers have been able to reduce the size of digital cameras and still make a camera that packs a significant punch in terms of image size and megapixels.

Fuji, known best as a maker of film, has become one of the leading digital camera manufacturers in the world. And they’ve made some really wonderful cameras using a smaller sensor than the full frame sensors that I have in my Canon cameras.

I’ve always preferred full frame digital cameras because they offer the same look and feel of 35mm film cameras. A full frame digital camera has, just like it sounds, a sensor that is the same size as the original 35mm negative.

Smaller sensors in the past lacked the gravitas of a full frame sensor. There's also a crop factor involved where a normal 35mm lens doesn’t equate, and the lens length is extended instead. For instance, to achieve the look of a full frame camera with a 35mm lens you need to shoot with a lens that is 23mm.

I’ve avoided these cameras because of this, and until recently hadn’t embraced the advantages. I recently purchased the Fuji X100T. I got it for a good deal because it isn't the newest model.

The Fuji X100 series cameras has quite a following among shutterbugs. The first model was introduced in 2010, and nearly 10 years later it remains a highly sought-after camera. The company released the X100T in 2014.

The X100T is a wonderful camera  — and a street photographer's dream. It offers the nostalgia of a classic Leica rangefinder and the under the hood is a wonderful host of digital options that make this a fantastic tool.

It includes film simulations as well as special effects like toy camera or black and white options, with different filters to enhance tonality. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with the settings.

What it comes down to for me, though, is the image quality and the fact that I can put the X100T in my back pocket — the perfect phone camera substitute for a shutterbug like me.

Here are some of the images I’ve made in the past couple of days with this camera. I haven’t used it at night yet, but I plan to soon and I will post the results.

By the way, no need to purchase the latest version of this camera. The original X100 can still be found online and at a fraction of the price of the newest version.

Sean Cayton is a wedding photojournalist of 19 years and operates a successful, award-winning wedding photography studio in Colorado Springs. He's also an award-winning photojournalist. Sean is happily married to the love of his life (also his business partner) and is father to three beautiful children. When he’s not working, Sean can be found outside flying kites with his kids, hitting golf balls or casting a fly rod to hungry trout.

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