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As Cliff Huxtable, Bill Cosby embodied fatherly and husbandly wholesomeness. Today, accusations of sexual assault make him look quite different.

Robert Wirth

Robert Wirth of Stetson Hills is an electrical engineer.

What's your take on the Bill Cosby controversy? It's stuff going back 20 years. It's been settled once. How many times can you run the guy through the wringer for the same thing?

How had you thought of him previously? I saw him live several times. I laughed until my sides hurt. He's one of the best storytellers, ever.

Why does Cosby keep touring amid the controversy? They were thinking about a new TV show, and this tour was going to promote it. He's been doing this since getting out of college as an athlete. It's a business he built.

What other celebrity has become so disliked so quickly? I'm not sure he's all that disliked. His attackers are a small and very vocal minority.

Aspen Jenkins

Aspen Jenkins of Peyton is a college student and retail employee.

Relate your view of the Cosby brouhaha. I wonder why some of the women took so long to go public. It seems inconsistent with his character, but fame can turn you into a monster.

How did you think of him prior to this? Growing up, The Cosby Show was one of my favorite shows. The Huxtables were an interesting, progressive take on the African-American family.

If given a free ticket, would you go to a show? I'd contemplate it.

Name another celebrity who went from beloved to disliked so quickly. Britney Spears. She did the whole Mouseketeers thing as a kid and then went crazy — at least according to the media.

What celebrity do you respect for decency and strong character? Hilary Duff.

Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell of Springs Ranch works in information technology.

Relate your personal take on the Cosby controversy. Given the number of accusations and their detail, those women are probably telling the truth.

How had you thought of Cosby before this? He presented himself as a father figure, quick to tell everyone what is right and wrong, but I never bought it. I'm not shocked this happened.

Why does he continue touring? He's in denial. He thinks it's going to go away, but it'll only get worse.

If given a free ticket, would you attend his show? Absolutely not. I wouldn't have gone even prior to this. If I'd been a fan, I wouldn't be now.

Can you think of another celebrity who's gone from beloved to disliked so quickly? Lance Armstrong.

Is there a celebrity you respect for avoiding controversy? Sidney Poitier. You never heard a negative word about his private life.

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