The Chutes Best Of

Best Of 2015: Difficult Biking Trail

We asked local shredder, world champion mountain biker, and two-time Olympian Alison Dunlap about our winners, both located in the Stratton Open Space/North Cheyenne Cañon area. The Chutes, she says, is "a great trail because it's not terribly steep, a lot of the turns are banked, [and] it flows very well." Captain Jack's, meanwhile, is "challenging because it constantly changes with the amount of rain and erosion we've had. ... Traction is pretty much nonexistent, so it's very challenging at high speed." She adds, "There's some whoop-de-doos and things that can catch you off-guard if you're not paying attention and send you over the handlebars." For the record, though, they have not sent Dunlap over the handlebars. — J. Adrian Stanley


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