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Sixty seconds with Hannah Prater



Indy: I noticed you have a gig at a library coming up.

HP: Yeah, it's at the Boone County Library [in Burlington, Ky.].

Indy: Do you play libraries a lot?

HP: No, actually [laughs], this will be our first library. I get the impression it's a really small town and it's where they have their music series. ... We've played in all kinds of venues. They all kind of have their own feel. We actually played in a church last night.

Indy: I was going to ask you about that, too.

HP: We haven't really played in churches a whole lot, but it kind of creates a different mood, to be in a church, even though the people were drinking beer and wine. I don't know, there's some kind of reverence that you could feel in the air when you're in that type of venue. And it was actually a really beautiful show ... This church puts on this great music series and they have this wonderful sound equipment ... Sometimes venues come out of unexpected places.

Indy: You moved to Nashville from the Bay Area. How's it different?

HP: The pace of life is a bit different. When you're in Nashville, it's kind of more understood, the songwriter culture, the musician culture. You run into a lot of people that you know. It feels like a smaller world out there in a way.

Indy: So, what's it like to have Rosanne Cash say about you, "What an amazing band. They give me hope for the future"?

HP: That was — we were kind of floored when she made that comment. We felt very honored that somebody like her, who's had such a long, successful career, and somebody who I think is an amazing songwriter, would say that about our music. It was really — it felt really special.

At Kinfolks Mountain Shop in Manitou Springs, May 15.

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