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The big 'C'


Famous or unknown, rich or poor, young or old cancer has no respect for anyone, and we're all exposed to more and more carcinogens via our food, air, water and environment. It's scary.


Mark Hatfield

Elementary teacher, business owner
Have you known someone with cancer? My sister had breast cancer five years ago, and my mother was recently diagnosed with a small tumor in her breast.

Do you worry? I worry about skin cancer, but I use sunscreens.

Do you exercise enough? I hike, bicycle, do aerobics, or work in the yard every day.


Vivian LeFebvre
West side

Pikes Peak Mental Health
Do you know anyone with cancer? My 2-year-old grandniece had cancer, but she's now rid of it. A dear friend died of esophageal cancer two years ago. My father died of cancer 30-odd years ago.

Do you fear getting it? Living in fear does no good. I choose to be happy about life and move on.

Do you take steps to avoid getting it? I live a healthy lifestyle, exercise and avoid processed foods. I smoke, though. You got me there.

How much do you exercise? I do yoga every week. I hike every week. I dance.


Andrew Glasgow
Old Colorado City

Political consultant
Has anyone you know had cancer? My grandmother died of lung cancer in her 90s.

Do you fear getting it? Yeah, what with all the pesticides, hormones and everything else in the food nowadays.

Which do you dread most? Lung or colon, the kinds most common in your mid-30s.

What do you do to prevent cancer? I eat foods with antioxidants, and I walk a mile almost every day.


Michael Miller

Social worker
Have you known anyone with cancer? Many people, unfortunately. My mother died of cervical cancer.

Do you dread it? I think about it sometimes, but I don't worry that much. I eat food with fiber and good oils, and I exercise. There's not much more you can do.

How much do you exercise? For 45 minutes a day on an elliptical trainer or NordicTrack.

Will there be a cure? We may get cures for specific kinds, but not an overall cancer cure as such.
Bob Campbell

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