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Despite the "get-a-flu-shot" drumbeat, which is starting up now that the leaves are turning, some locals will not take the needle.

Caleb Powell

Caleb Powell of the west side is a musician

Will you get a flu shot this year? Absolutely not. I don't believe in that crap. People survived a long time without flu shots. I think flu shots interfere with nature's cycles.

Have you heard of any colds starting to go around? My roommate has a cold right now, but I haven't gotten it.

Do you think the "sick season" is worse now than it used to be? No, in the past there was yellow fever and smallpox. We'll always have health problems.

Can you remember ever having an epic flu? Yes, when I was 19. I was homeless in Louisiana and I got a cold. I refused to go to the clinic, but I got really sick with a throat infection. It was so severe I finally had to take antibiotics.

Bridget Hawkins

Bridget Hawkins of Security is a massage therapist

Will you get a flu shot this year? No. It comes with the live flu virus and it always makes my family sick.

How important do you think the flu shot is to the general public? I think most vaccines are bogus.

Do you know anyone who's gotten a cold or flu yet? I just got over a cold. It's the first one I've had in 10 years.

So does that lead you to believe it's going to be a bad season? No, I just forgot to wash my hands.

Do you have any health secrets? Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and wash your hands all the time.

Makawa Alexander

Makawa Alexander of Woodland Park is a clairvoyant healer/author

Will you get a flu shot this year? No, never, I refuse. I prefer to return to nature's medicines.

Do you think lots of people will get flu shots? How many people do you feel are fear-based? Those will be the people who need to have a flu shot, because there haven't been mentors in their lives to teach them about nature's medicines.

Do you think the "sick season" is worse now than it used to be? Yes. I think there are more intuitively numb bodies talking at each other mind to mind, rather than speaking with each other heartbeat to heartbeat, so we catch cold inside and out.

What's the secret to staying healthy? You need to cover your arms and neck in the morning so you don't get chilled. If you do get chilled, it can go down to your bones and stay with you all day.

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