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For going on 75 years, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center has been a focal point and catalyst for artistic ferment. It's hard to imagine the city without it.


Julianza Shavin from Pleasant Valley is an editor and proofreader

When did you last visit the Fine Arts Center? Last year for Blissfest333, a collaboration of artists to raise money for charity that showed films from around the world.

What's your most memorable arts event? Locally, it'd be the Classically Alive music salons, the Poetry West workshops, and the Star Bar production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

What exhibit would you most like to see at the FAC? An exhibit of Leonard Cohen's music, poetry, novels and films.

The FAC is about to celebrate its 75th anniversary. How'd you like to celebrate your 75th birthday? By marrying Leonard Cohen, if he's still alive then, and if he'll have me. We'd do it at the FAC.


Chris McKnight from Southgate is a sheet metal worker

How important to a community is a facility like the FAC? It's very important. I enjoy art and do it a little. We need more places like the FAC.

What's missing, arts-wise, from Colorado Springs? I'd like more outdoor music festivals. Also, there's too much emphasis here on things like crafts and Native American stuff. We need more serious art.

What, in your mind, is the biggest arts-related news of late? The woman from Montana who destroyed a painting of Jesus that she found offensive.

Describe your most memorable arts-related event. A big outdoor festival that some friends and I put together in Salt Lake City for a few years called Earth Jam. Artists from all over Utah performed and showed their work.


Norma Hollister from Rockrimmon is a bookkeeper

Name the best event you've attended at the FAC. A jazz concert by this 75-year old musician from L.A. — I can't recall his name. It was a snowy, icy night, and he turned it into a very warm and intimate evening.

How important is the FAC to our community? I take art classes there, my son takes music lessons there, and it gives people a chance to see all kinds of art, plays, movies and concerts.

What event or performer would you bring to the FAC if you could? I'd bring in interactive exhibits where artists talk about their work, like when Peter Max was here.

What's your most memorable arts event? A concert 20 years ago in Angels Stadium in Orange County that had the Beach Boys, Chicago and the Doobie Brothers. The weather was beautiful, people got up and danced.

How would you like to celebrate your 75th birthday? By skydiving.


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