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Thai Satay adds ramen, slays curry


  • Matthew Schniper
Since Rooster’s House of Ramen opened in mid-2017, several Asian spots have added ramen to their menus. Thai Satay offers four styles. We try a straightforward shoyu ramen ($10.95), with a thin, lightly oily and mildly seasoned broth, almost consommé-clear. Bamboo slivers add crunch and wood ear mushrooms chew, alongside a hefty portion of chashu pork, super tender and gelatinous, with a clean, hammy braised-pork flavor. A soft-boiled egg, seaweed sheet and narutomaki (a surimi coin with a dyed red spiral center) act as garnish.

A bowl of green curry ($9.25), ordered spicy and served as such, comes with a heart-shaped rice mound for soaking up broth. Jalapeños add to the chili heat. Though there’s noticeable sweetening added to the sauce for balance, our scalps tingle. Chicken pieces are generous, red bells and bamboo cuts give bursts of watery snappiness, and fresh basil leaves add aroma to the curry’s floral fragrance.
Location Details Thai Satay
821 Cheyenne Meadows Road
Cheyenne Mountain
Colorado Springs, CO

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