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60 seconds with Josh Grier



Indy: Your newly released second CD, Walk It Off, is a bit heavier and more rocking than the first album, The Loon. What prompted the band to move in that direction?

JG: I think some of that was just from touring so much and seeing how some of the older songs developed and what was fun for us to play. At least for me, I was like, "Man, I really enjoy parts of songs where we get to kind of all rock out" ... I think that kind of came through just because we had been playing together so much.

Indy: The Loon was recorded before you had a record deal. You're now on XL Records. What did that mean for Walk It Off?

JG: The biggest thing, really, was having a recording budget that allowed us to go to a real studio and work with a producer who all of us admired and were really excited about working with. Like, we were able to actually, for Walk It Off, be in the same room playing these songs together when we were laying down the different tracks for them, which was really nice. It just allows the energy level to be so much higher.

Indy: The producer in question was Dave Fridmann, who is known for his work with the Flaming Lips. What was he like?

JG: His way of operating was basically, "I want to make the record you want to make. I'm here to make that happen. Tell me what you want it to sound like, and I can make it sound like that" ... It was just so amazing to be able to just describe a sound and then be able to make it into reality.

At Denver's Bluebird Theater, May 17.

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