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Talking with Elvis


Most of us have rubbed shoulders in a fleeting way with someone famous. If given the chance to talk over a beer, surely we could've been beautiful, brilliant, hilarious or all of the above.


Maria Oldendorf
Upper Skyway

Retired attorney
What would you like to have asked Barack Obama during last week's visit? What are your plans to ensure that women are 100 percent full citizens, and that their rights are fully realized?
How about John McCain? I'd tell him that I respect what he's done for our country, but I'd stop there.
Which celebrity would you most like to meet and converse with? I'd like to talk to Gloria Steinem about how she sees the next few decades in terms of human rights.
What performer do you wish would visit Colorado Springs? Il Divo, a wonderful singing group with members from [Europe] and the U.S.


Scott Olson
Cheyenne Canon

Relate your most memorable brush with celebrity. Meeting Bob Hope at a cocktail party in Vail. He was gracious, warm and funny. Also, the Dixie Chicks. A friend of mine was their manager for a while. They were personable, upbeat and friendly.
What question would you ask Obama? How soon are you going to get us out of Iraq?
What would you ask McCain? Why do you want to keep us in Iraq?
If you could, which performer would you bring to town? Joni Mitchell. I love her music and her wonderful way of expressing life.


Vainav Saeed
Quail Lake

Full-time student
What celebrity would you most like to meet, and what would you talk about? I'd love to talk with the Dalai Lama about how he stays calm amid so much turmoil.
What would you ask Obama if you met him? Are you really going to give students an opportunity to pay for college through volunteer work?
How about McCain? I'd ask him about his mental condition, given that he was a prisoner of war for five years. I'd ask him that because they say the recently freed Colombia hostages will likely have severe stress and emotional problems for years to come.
Should celebrities be politically active? They're citizens, too. Why not?

What performer would you bring into town if you could? John Legend. He plays piano and sings.

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