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With another year winding to a close, we're all taking stock of the people, events and personal experiences that defined Colorado Springs for us in 2008.


Cindy Hultsman

Telephone solicitor

What was the best thing to happen in Colorado Springs this past year? The Marian House [Soup Kitchen} reopening.

How about the worst? The reduction in bus services, making it harder for a lot of people to get to work.

Who is your Colorado Springs Woman of the Year? Mary Lou Makepeace. She's a positive influence who works with groups who need a voice.

And Man of the Year? Every firefighter in Colorado Springs. I have a son who is in a nursing home, and firefighters saved his life one time before the ambulance got there.

How have you changed in 2008? I've become more forgiving. I've come to realize that I'm prejudiced in many ways, and that you overcome that by learning to forgive yourself, and then forgive others.


Luke Bishop
Memorial Hospital area

Finance professional

What's changed for the best in the Springs this year? With the gas prices going up, more people started utilizing public transportation and bicycles.

Name something you predicted correctly for 2008. That it's going to be a colder winter than a lot of people expected. So far, it's true.

Who is your Colorado Springs Woman of the Year? Amy Lathen, who bucked the odds to get elected county commissioner.

How have you changed in 2008? I've taken more time to analyze my own needs, wants and desires. That's put a couple people out, but you need to know who you are before you can work on relationships.


Malcolm Ulbrick
West side

Teacher and personal trainer

What was the best thing about the city this past year? The city joining the statewide trend of moving away from being extremely right-wing to becoming a blue state.

What didn't go well in 2008? Some of the local ballot initiatives to finance education didn't pass. In my neighborhood, it's probably going to mean closure of Buena Vista Elementary.

Who's an unsung hero in Colorado Springs? Richard Skorman. He gives leftover food to the homeless and pushes energy initiatives involving low-energy light bulbs. He does the right thing without seeking recognition for it. That makes him a hero in my eyes.

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