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Springs voters convincingly defeated a 2009 measure that would've increased property taxes to cover a budget shortfall. We've since witnessed some consequences as forewarned, such as city layoffs and bus service cuts. Although typical of other cities, was the tax-averse message sent in '09 a smart one?


Daniel Micci from Denver is a college student

Do you believe that when taxes are cut, jobs increase and prosperity broadens? Depends how taxes are cut exactly. I don't necessarily believe that there's a trickle-down effect. However, taxes can be cut for the benefit of people depending on where they're cut, and how.

Why do you think Americans resent being taxed more than people elsewhere? I think that's been a problem since the Boston Tea Party, and it's just part of our culture to hate taxes. I've traveled quite a bit and I've been to plenty of places where taxes aren't as much of an issue.

What do you think it takes to convince voters to approve a property tax increase? I just think people need a better understanding of what social welfare programs actually do and how they benefit other people.


Stephanie Curtis from the west side is a schoolteacher

Do you think tax cuts have a positive effect? I think it helps the economy when taxes are cut because there's more spending that happens because people have more money to spend.

Why hasn't this country taken to being taxed more in return for social programs? Because I don't think Americans can see how it benefits them directly. If it's for health care and you go to the doctor and it's covered, then obviously you can see it directly associated to you. Whereas a street, you go and drive on it every day and you don't see how it benefits you directly.

Why haven't Springs voters been on board for a higher property tax? With all the cuts in education and stuff, I think a lot of people who don't have children, or have raised their children already, don't want to pay more taxes because they're done with that part or they don't see the benefit in it.


Vyktreya Garrison from downtown is a substitute teacher

How do you feel about paying taxes? Fine, just fine. We have to pay taxes. It's part of our country and part of our responsibility as citizens.

Why do many Americans fight proposed tax increases? Because of the confusion over government and what the role of government is. I think that confusion has been with us forever.

What needs to happen for voters to approve higher taxes? I guess visible things. You know, like we saw with medians and the parks [going untended], where they were really visible and tangible things.

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