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Tacos Alo’Way gets its vampire on


  • Griffin Swartzell

We have a certain amount of love permanently reserved for birria, the Jaliscoan stew made with spices and peppers to spare. So when we learn that Tacos Alo’Way serves beef birria as a core component of its vampiros, or vampire tacos and quesadillas, we’re sold.

The truck started doing business in October 2018, but we’re told they don’t make it out too often. We go for a plate of three tacos, served in fried corn tortillas with melted cheese, birria, onion and cilantro. They’re called vampires because the chile-red marinade/broth gets drizzled over the meat, so when we take a bite, we’re left with little drips of red all over our lips.

Cute gimmick aside, we do find the tacos delicious. It’s a simple flavor profile, predominantly chiles and onions with a beefy backbone to ground it all. That said, other plates and bowls of birria we’ve had have more prominently shown off the flavors of dish-defining spices like clove. Still, with side spicy salsa that smells hotter than it tastes, we find plenty to love. We’re less enamored with house-made horchata, creamy and understated in its sweetness but lacking cinnamon notes.

Location Details Tacos Alo’Way
mobile business
Colorado Springs, CO

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