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Swell sorbets and more found at Swirly Cow


Indecisive dessert-seekers be warned: Swirly Cow will capture you for untold lengths of time as you plan your perfect dessert. This spot sells frozen yogurt with toppings by the ounce, tallied up at the register, all self-serve, with cardboard dividers for cups to separate different flavor/topping combos. When we stop by, we briefly consider exploring an edge case, maybe adding an entire cup of chocolate rocks or cheesecake cubes, but we’re drawn to the many flavors of frozen yogurt and sorbet. We find the original tart to be genuinely yogurt-tart and lovely for it, delicious with sweet passion fruit pearls. Newly added pistachio gelato bears a rich, silky texture and understated flavor, more than just a vehicle for caramel chocolate turtles we top it with. A pomegranate raspberry sorbet packs a fruity punch, pairing nicely with raspberry-filled chocolate cups. Mango sorbet also delights, especially when we double down with mango pearls atop. And the non-dairy chocolate sorbet’s plenty chocolaty, a fine foundation for cheesecake cubes and fresh blueberries.
Location Details Swirly Cow
6510 S. Academy Blvd., #110
Academy (South)
Colorado Springs, CO

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