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Sweet tart: Love and (gay) marriage

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Valentine's Day brings to mind romance, love and marriage. But in most states, the right to be legally bound to your lifetime partner is an exclusive one.

Carolyn Cosby lives on the northeast side

Carolyn Cosby from the northeast side is retired

What are your thoughts on civil unions being reconsidered in Colorado? Personally, I'm uncomfortable with it in some respects.

How would you characterize the progress being made in the struggle for gay rights? Rapid. I think there's been rapid progress over the last 10 years on a national level.

What are the chances you'll see same-sex marriage legalized on a national level in your lifetime? I'd say there's a chance; maybe 50/50.

Have you seen very many gay couples out in Colorado Springs? No, I've never noticed any.

What's your best Valentine's Day memory? In the primary grades in school, when we made our own Valentine boxes and exchanged those little cards.

Drew Soucy lives on the west side

Drew Soucy from the west side works in retail

What are your thoughts about civil unions being proposed again in Colorado? I feel like everyone should have the freedom to do whatever they want to do in that regard.

Do you think same-sex marriage could become legal in your lifetime? Yes, definitely in my lifetime. I don't think a president will be elected in the future if he or she is against it.

Have you noticed very many same-sex couples in Colorado Springs? A few, but I could count them on one hand.

Do you have a favorite Valentine's Day memory? When I was in the sixth grade, I rode my skateboard to my girlfriend's house and gave her candy and a stuffed animal. She gave me a hat.

Machelle Nelson lives on the east side.

Machelle Nelson from the east side is a stay-at-home mom

How do you feel about civil unions being reconsidered in Colorado? I'm not for it. I'm a Christian, and I don't believe it's of God.

How would you characterize the progress being made in the struggle for gay rights? It's a lot more accepted now. It's all over TV and in the media in general. I see a movement in the U.S. to get away from God, and I'm scared of what the world's becoming.

Do you think we'll see same-sex marriage legalized nationwide in your lifetime? I think it's very possible, since it's already in some states.

So for you, what's your best Valentine's Day memory? When I had my son! His birthday is 2/11 and I was still in the hospital on Valentine's Day.

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