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Ah, Valentine's Day. Those in the first flush of youth often embrace it as an opportunity for romance, flowers and cards, whereas others critique it as a day of mandatory expenditure and scripted role-playing. Who's got it right?


Libby Hage of Briargate is a hair stylist

What's your real view of Valentine's Day? It's a marketing ploy.

What song best captures your feelings about the day? How about "Beat It" by Michael Jackson?

Relate your most memorable V-Day gift. The year I won a drawing at a neighborhood gas station. It was a plastic bag full of old candy and a dusty, disgusting velvet rose — the saddest, most pathetic and hilarious Valentine's Day gift I've received so far.

Other than candy and flowers, what's your go-to V-Day gift? Something functional. A plastic plant, maybe.


Mike Endres of Fountain is retired Army

How do you really view Valentine's Day? It's another retail holiday.

Did you once feel differently? You tend to believe that stuff's actually important when you're young.

In a world devoid of candy or flowers, what'd be your go-to V-Day gift? Time well spent, whatever that is, with someone you care about.

Relate your expectations for V-Day this year. Twelve inches of powder.

Describe the ideal Valentine's Day. Twelve inches of powder.


Sarah Jenkins of downtown is a bartender

What's the real truth about Valentine's Day? It's a day for amateurs.

Did you ever feel differently? Yes, when I had a long-term, steady boyfriend in kindergarten.

What's the sexiest V-Day gift you've received? A jar of ladybugs from my kindergarten boyfriend.

How much does Valentine's Day typically cost you? Me, nothing; the guy, a whole lot.


Burke Fishburn of Boulder works for a consulting firm

How do you really feel about Valentine's Day? We pretty much ignore it.

What song best describes your feelings or expectations about the day? "Tainted Love."

What's your worst V-Day memory? I gave a necklace to a girl I was pining for in high school. She rejected it.

Envision the ideal Valentine's Day. A nice cup of coffee in the morning, going for a hike, capped by a cold beer — all with my wife.

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