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Sushi Ring, Kabob & Gyros Corner, Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

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Sushi Ring

1861 S. Nevada Ave., 635-5550

The home of sushi man Takashi "Elvis" Kishimoto just passed its five-year anniversary; recall that it spawned an offshoot on Eighth Street (via a Kishimoto apprentice) in mid-2013 that follows the same menu and format. And that format is the ambitious all-you-can-eat option ($21.95 at lunch/$27.95 at dinner).

The accommodating staff lets the kids in our party command the TV over the sushi counter, and as always, we start with a round of killer, Sriracha-laced quail egg shots and the awesome, sesame-oil-rich upside-down shrimp. Favorite rolls, including the charred basil-salmon roll; tempura shrimp, cream cheese and jalapeño Seven Falls roll; a similar Tiger Roll; and a crunch-arrific Spider Roll pile up quickly. No small number of nigiri pieces join the mix, including the must-overindulge-in-black-pepper-seared-tuna-slices. The closing miracle is somehow making room for green tea ice cream as a finale. We do. All hail the king. — Matthew Schniper


Kabob & Gyros Corner

2907 N. Nevada Ave., 473-2502

Rocky Mountain Dogs & Burgers, that little Vienna Beef stop near the intersection of Nevada Avenue and Fillmore Street, had a bit of a dining-room problem: It was old, and a little dusty and a little sticky. New ownership has resolved that, while switching the food focus and keeping the hot-dog selection intact. (I know what you're thinking, and I too celebrate a hummus-relish relationship.) In the end, our lunch fare proved neither fantastic nor fatal.

Per the name, we went gyros ($4.99) and kabobs ($7.99). The latter plate takes around 20 minutes to construct, and comes out bearing three neat logs of meat, each about nine inches long. There's a fun zip to the meat, which mostly resembles the taste of ground beef, but a nicely charred outside brought fire to the table. Rice was somewhat dry, but it was counteracted by a side salad. No major complaints with the gyro, though it ran a little skimpy and plain. — Bryce Crawford


Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

7061 Commerce Center Drive,

The full-figured "breastaurant" category grew at a double-digit rate nationwide over the past year, crushing the competition. We need look no further for the proof of this than Woodmen Road and Interstate 25, where the Tilted Kilt opened its arms in a dead T.G.I. Friday's. If you don't mind an Irish restaurant pimping, among other things, Scottish clothing — or if you just love swords, plaid and push-up bras — you might dig the Kilt. You might also want to let your eyes do the eating, since some of the food tastes like TGIF left it behind.

The Scotch eggs ($5) were legitimately delicious, with a strong sausage crust and creamy horseradish sauce, but the Gaelic Chicken Fettuccine ($14) was basically butter, weak noodles and bland chicken. The TK Irish Nachos ($7.50) actually came out cold, meaning the house potato chips were covered in cold, disgusting ground beef and cold, disgusting nacho cheese. Sláinte! — Bryce Crawford

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