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Sushi O Sushi serves a stellar fresh sheet


  • Matthew Schniper
Five years in, Sushi O Sushi only improves with age. This stop-in, a weekly fresh sheet almost fills us up, leaving us to close with an AKA Chris Roll ($12.50), sweet from unagi, rich from spicy yellowtail and avocado, and nutty from macadamia crumbles.

What’s great about that fresh list: lesser-seen nigiri items like geoduck ($8.95), monkfish liver paté ($7.95), opaleye ($4.95) and crescent sweetlip ($4.95), plus king salmon poke ($11.95). The opaleye and sweetlip are both mild, delicate fish, simple and elegant. The geoduck, a burrowing, saltwater clam, chews expectedly a little tough with a hint of brine, but it’s a treat. A soy dressing mutes the soft salmon a little on the poke salad, freshened by zesty sprouts. The real king of the meal is the foie gras-like monkfish liver, a tart, pungent, organ-meat experience of soft fat, here balanced by the endive-like, faintly bitter crunch of purple orchid petals and salty fish roe garnish.
Location Details Sushi O Sushi
3643 Star Ranch Road
Cheyenne Mountain
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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