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Surviving and thriving at college in the Springs

Long Story Short



Anything requiring a "survival guide" is by nature somewhat hellish. Or at least complicated to navigate in some way that necessitates the whole counseling aspect inherent to the Indy's annual student-to-student mentoring manifesto.

This year's Student Survival Guide, constructed by Hannah Brenneman, Nathaniel Kelley and Caroline Swinford, proffers advice on the obvious "must-knows," like where to get your karaoke on, and where to go thrifting for your costume for that sure-to-be-epic house party. You'll also find some of the city's best coffee bars where you can charge up pre-exam, and a few other bars where you can celebrate when it's all over.

This year's compendium also highlights great running and biking trails and clubs to keep the body fit along with the mind. (At least while it's tourist season, you may want to steer clear of Garden of the Gods, after all.) And it features serious stuff, like how to get involved in community activism outside of campus, as well as how to show some empathy for your introverted cohorts, who experience their college years from a whole different perspective.

Ultimately we hope this guide just helps make the transition from home to dorm or other scholarly domicile more smooth. When it comes down to it, we know you will survive all the all-nighters, mid-terms and mind-blowing experiences to come. If we can be a part of one of your finest hours, whether in film class or at the foosball table, our job will be done.

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