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Many Colorado Springs musicians have extensive roots in the local music community, but Last Supper take it to extremes. Over the course of two decades, the punk band's various members have spent time in Expatriate, Blistering Body Pus, Animosity, Strychnine, Bald Naydine, Dyemaniacal, GPM, Evil Genius, Foot, Blasting Agents, AirSick and The Ingrates, just to name a few.

As such, the annual Last Supper reunion shows serve not only as a band reunion, but a sort of "class reunion" for the metal scene of the '80s and '90s. 2015 finds the band in their 21st year, ready to bring their funk-infused, riff-heavy brand of metal and healthy doses of self-deprecating humor to Peak 31 on Saturday, Aug. 15.

The annual reunion took on a whole new context in 2013, when bassist Cliff Barvoets was stricken with an undiagnosed disease that left him bedridden for months. Much of the music community, regardless of genre, banded together in support of Barvoets, and the show was turned into a tribute fundraiser to offset medical costs. By the following year, Barvoets had recovered sufficiently to rejoin the rest of the band, which includes fraternal co-vocalists Pete Schroll and Teddy Schroll, drummer Dean Bolinger, and guitarist Dave Zahara, who also handles guitar duties in GOYA.

This year's event will be preceded by a pre-show barbecue at the cannabis bar The Pothole, which is perhaps the most appropriate choice for a band whose songs include "Puff Good Stuff" and "Kill Pot/Smoke a Cop." Last Supper will be joined by Grindscape, Offering of Dust, and Try Redemption.

Meanwhile, the Pikes Peak Center continues its campaign of evil against us, begun with Chicago and Kidz Bop, by announcing that tickets for New Age keyboardist and composer Yanni go on sale Aug. 21, seven months in advance of the show. If you're dying to hear symphonic, synth-driven world fusion, March 7, 2016 brings the Acropolis to your own backyard!

Oh, I kid — Mr. Chryssomallis seems like a nice enough guy, and the Pikes Peak Center, to its credit, is bringing us the great Merle Haggard on Sept. 3.

If you missed the Aug. 9 performance of local jazz guitar virtuoso Wayne Wilkinson and widely acclaimed, New York City-based pianist Lenore Raphael at the Mezzanine, not to worry — the performance was recorded for an upcoming live album, titled Strings Attached. Find more info at

Finally, your local listings. It's a somewhat thin weekend, but there's still a variety of notable events.

Friday, Aug. 14, brings neotraditional country singer Aaron Watson to Stargazers Theatre. Watson has been a popular fixture for over a decade in his native Texas, but recently made national headlines when his 12th album, The Underdog, sold more than 26,000 copies and topped the Billboard Country Album charts without the aid of a major label.

On Saturday, Aug. 15, Stargazers will host Jake Loggins' birthday bash. Loggins, the well-known local blues guitarist, announced earlier this year that he will be retiring from music and moving to Utah to pursue new endeavors, so this will be a good chance to celebrate his career and music ... at least until the reunion tour in 20 years or so.

Also on Aug. 15, Atlanta emcee and 2016 presidential candidate Waka Flocka Flame brings his campaign to the Black Sheep. The rapper will be joined by Colorado hip-hop artists SplYt, Pizzie, and Sampson.

Finally, there's no word on whether Waka Flocka has chosen his cabinet, but you couldn't do much better than confrontational, politically minded New York duo Dead Prez, who will be performing at the Speak Easy Vape Lounge that same night, Aug. 15.

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