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Sultan of Sullen

Morrissey's exquisite misery to fill CMH



Yes, as far as we can tell, Morrissey, former front man of The Smiths, the Sultan of Sullen himself, will finally bring his infectious melancholic morbidity to the Colorado Music Hall next Wednesday night.

What's fun to think about is Morrissey in Colorado Springs! Will he go to the Citadel Mall to buy a new track-suit like Snoop Dogg did when he was in town last fall? Or will he spend his hours before sound check flagellating himself with daffodils in the abandoned Montgomery Ward's parking lot? Or perhaps he'll head over to the Bijou Bar & Grill for a couple of light ales and a little Karaoke warm up.

Regardless, before stalking him, you should bone up on your Smiths and Morrissey trivia so you don't look like a spineless swine when you actually meet him face to face and claim to be his No. 1 fan so he'll carve his name on your arm with his fountain pen.


1. What was The Smiths first single?

2. Whose nude photography appears as the cover art on that single?

3. What bands was guitarist Johnny Marr in before The Smiths?

4. What did Morrissey allegedly say when he turned 21?

5. What do you call a person from Manchester?

6. At what venue did The Smiths play their first gig and for whom did they open?

7. What Patti Smith song are the chord progressions for "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" based on?

8. What band did Innervision records decide to sign instead of The Smiths in 1982?

9. In the song "Cemetery Gates," why is the line "If you must write prose and poems the words you use should be your own./ Don't plagiarize or take on loan" ironic?

10. Who wrote the play A Taste of Honey, and why is it relevant to question 3?

11. What '60s singer did Morrissey idolize?

12. What song of his did she famously record with Morrissey on backing vocals?

13. Who appeared on the cover of the single for "Shoplifters of the World Unite"?

14. To what events does the song "Suffer Little Children" refer, and who were the perpetrators of that event?

15. When, where and to whom did Johnny Maher get married?

16. What's the last song The Smiths ever recorded?

17. To whom and how does Morrissey finally admit that The Smiths have broken up?


1). "Hand In Glove" 2). Gay porn photographer Jim French 3). White Dice and Freak Party 4). "I'm 21, but I don't look a day over 20." 5). Mancunian 6).The Ritz, Blue Rondo A La Turk 7). "Kimberly" 8). Wham! 9). Morrissey was famous for plagiarizing lyrics from Oscar Wilde to Rebel Without A Cause and playwright Joe Orton 10). Shelagh Delaney, Morrissey plagiarized many lyrics from this play 11). Sandie Shaw 12). "Hand In Glove" 13). Elvis 14). The Moors Murders, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley 15). June 20, 1985, San Francisco, Angela Brown 16). "I Keep Mine Hidden"17). Stephen Street, by letter



Colorado Music Hall,

2475 E. Pikes Peak Ave.



Thurs., Aug. 29, 8 p.m.

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