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Studentspeak: sex spots


  • 2006 Blaise Larmee

Dorm rooms are small, full of sharp edges, and often crowded with roommates. So students get creative about sex, leaving dormitories for the great outdoors, chasing excitement and the thrill of almost getting caught. Here are some tales.

Underneath the interstate overpass

"We were waiting for AAA. We were in a car, and it was raining. ... There was a song that came on by Marilyn Manson. Every time I hear it, it's like a cue. It was more exciting. We could get caught."

Stacie Shook, Colorado State University alumna '05

Focus on the Family parking lot

"I think it was sort of a middle finger at the whole organization.

Ashley Boynton, Colorado College senior, speaking about a friend

The Whitney Electric music venue

"We did it on one of the swivel chairs while listening to a record."

"We did it on one of the swive Anonymous

Garden of the Gods

"Some of my friends were ... making out and getting hot and heavy, and they almost got a ticket for indecent exposure."

Alisha Pagan, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs junior

The roof of Shove Chapel at Colorado College

"I've heard a lot of people go up there, but I think there's something fundamentally sacrilegious about having sex on top of a religious building."

Cadiz Gomez, CC junior

The football field

"It is clich, but that's why I kind of liked it."


Underneath CC's graduation stage, the night before the ceremony

"That was our favorite place. The grass was wet. It was refreshing."

JT Rogstad, CC senior

Sex safety

"Consent is the most important thing."

Heather Horton, Colorado College sexual assault response coordinator

To report sexual assault

Contact Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) at Memorial Hospital Emergency Room (365-5221) for support and to compile evidence to support a claim.

Assistance with unwanted pregnancy

Planned Parenthood (800/230-PLAN) can set up abortions and provide emergency contraception.

Free condoms, and pregnancy and STD testing*

Boettcher Health and Counseling Center at Colorado College (389-6384)

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Student Health Center (262-4444)

El Paso County Public Health Department (575-8492)

*Prices for pregnancy and STD testing range from $8 to $25.

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