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Student Survival Guide 2012


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Remember when college was all about the "meteoric ascent"? Neither do we. And as the economy stumbles toward the 20-teens, it's hard to imagine a time when walking across the stage at commencement felt like it led straight into a steady, rewarding job. Now, leaving that stage seems more like wading — or falling — into the deep end of the ocean, without a life jacket.

Fortunately, now we get to have one of those unifying "generational experiences" that we thought had stopped happening when all the Gen-X slackers finally sold out and found a job. At long last, being unemployed and deep in debt is cool again.

If you're looking to take the more traditional route, however, we (the Indy's summer-intern team) are here to help. How to find the resources if you struggle taking tests, how to think your way through the convoluted debate on student debt, how to fine-tune your collegiate lifestyle so that, upon graduation, you might actually land that one job or internship that you and a couple hundred others applied for — all of these are found within.

Don't look so gloomy! It's like the final scene in Wes Anderson's The Fantastic Mr. Fox — even in the bleakest of situations, and not with a grimace but with a wink and a chuckle, we can always raise a toast:

To our survival!


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