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Student Survival 2009: Getting outta Dodge


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Here are some ways to tool around our beautiful state, short of actually hitching a ride to the nearest used car dealership and slapping down that fresh credit card on a rusty clunker:

FREX (Front Range Express): The commuter-friendly FREX bus runs daily (about every half hour) from Colorado Springs to Monument, Castle Rock and Denver. You can catch the bus at various Park-n-Rides throughout the city, but all lines run through the Tejon Street Park-n-Ride, south of downtown under the Interstate 25 bridge. Prices vary from $5 to $11 each way; check the schedule at frontrangeexpress.com.

Greyhound: Take the Greyhound to Denver, Fort Collins, pretty much any sizable city in Colorado. The buses actually run all across the country, of course, and our station is conveniently located downtown at 120 S. Weber St. Buses to Denver typically run seven times a day, with tickets around $15 each way. Check scheduling and prices at greyhound.com.

Hitch a ride with a classmate: Use your college's listserv and offer to trade a ride for gas, friendly conversation, a massage ... pretty much anything you can think of. It's easy and convenient, and you'll probably make a new friend. And if not, you'll probably come home with a good story.

Ride your bike: You can get virtually anywhere in the general vicinity — even the Pueblo Reservoir — on your bike. For the more adventurous, bike all the way to Aspen. Plus, it helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Jump a train: Apparently there's still a chance that Colorado Springs will welcome a shiny new light rail someday. Until then, you can head down to the tracks and hop a train to who-knows-where. OK, so this suggestion isn't exactly serious. But I did have a friend who illegally hopped a train to Wyoming. We didn't see him for four days, and when he got back, he was covered in soot and smelled terrible. He didn't want to talk about his adventures. (Please note: The Independent does not endorse any explicitly illegal activities.)

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