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Adeem, comin straight outta New England.
  • Adeem, comin straight outta New England.

In its very genesis, hip-hop was an urban creation, mixing city sounds, sights, fashions and attitudes.

So it's a bit confusing, then, for a rising MC to choose to live in a sleepy New England town of 6,000.

But to Adeem, the mouthpiece behind the hip-hop trio Glue, the game's not about pulling out the b-boy braggadocio and name-checking his 'hood of choice especially considering that Peterborough, N.H., is more concerned with spelling bees and craft fairs than the latest in dance clubs and footwear. For Adeem, it's all about pop-culture references and a strong beat behind him. That's why he has two city-bound cohorts who keep their collective ears to the ground: his bandmates, producer Maker and DJ DQ, who are located in Chicago and Cincinnati, respectively.

On Glue's latest album, Catch as Catch Can, Adeem's vocal style is reminiscent of his old-school heroes, but is even more akin to that of his indie hip-hop brethren. Meanwhile, Maker and DQ conspire to bring layered, lush mixtures of vintage soul, jazz, old-school boom-bap, funk and even hardcore guitar.

Catch as Catch Can includes a bonus instrumental CD, too, just so listeners can enjoy Maker and DQ's unadulterated skills. It's not a typical move for most hip-hop artists, but given Adeem's background, Glue has to stay focused on making sure the beats can stand on their own.

"A lot of rappers will pick beats that they know they can overpower," Adeem says. "It makes it really difficult for me to sit on top of the beat and complement it or add something to it. I dig that challenge a lot."


The Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave.

Friday, April 6, 8 p.m.

Tickets: $8, all ages; visit

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