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Street Smarts: Causing a scene



There aren't a ton of venues in Colorado Springs devoted exclusively to live music. But a lot of beloved bars, restaurants and more unexpected businesses multi-task pretty well. And there are more than enough musicians around here to fill the night with sound.


Crystal Caviani from the west side is an organic nutrition professional

What Colorado Springs band or artist do you most like to see perform? Ben Pratt. He does fun, upbeat stuff. He's very different.

What's your biggest impediment to attending shows? They usually start so late, and it's hard for us to stay out that late. We'd probably go more if they were earlier.

What could be done to enhance the live music scene locally? I like how Manitou has street performers. I'd like to see more of that here, and also more use of bandshells at places like Bancroft and Acacia parks.

What's the best local venue for live music? I like the Ancient Mariner in Manitou, Front Range Barbeque on the west side, and Rico's [Café and Wine Bar] downtown.


Ron Banta of downtown is the general manager of an energy company

What local band or performer do you most like seeing live? Lately, it's John Wise. He's full of joy when he performs, and he plays a nice mix of jazz, blues and New Orleans-style music. I saw him at Cucuru [Gallery Café] just last night, in fact.

Assess the local live music scene. There's a number of really good, serious musicians around here, and different clubs and bars have a reputation for bringing in good live music. [SouthSide] Johnny's has a good following for blues on Wednesday nights.

What's your favorite venue for live music? Right now it's Rico's on Thursday nights. You can have a glass of wine, eat a salad, a lot of the people there know each other and talk, and the music enhances things without being intrusive.

What would you name your band if you had one? I actually talked about this with my wife just last night. I'd be The Dunderheads.


Edward Fregoso of southeast Colorado Springs is a sales assistant

Is there a Colorado Springs band or artist you like to catch live? A band called Inelements that appears at the Black Sheep a lot. They bring a lot of energy to their shows.

What's the biggest impediment to people attending shows? Bad dates — shows on school nights and during the work week.

Who do you think are the best bands ever to come out of Colorado? The Flobots and the Fray.

Name your favorite local venue. The Black Sheep. It's a little small, but when they sell out, it's high-energy and tons of fun.

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