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Strain review: Forbidden Fruit


Forbidden Fruit produces your own version of the old-school, console TV look. - BAYNARD WOODS
  • Baynard Woods
  • Forbidden Fruit produces your own version of the old-school, console TV look.
Whenever I recall a book I’ve read, I immediately feel the time and place in which I read it — dual narratives overlapping in one physical object. That experience is always the same in a certain sense, the embodiment of memory, but it is also always different, unique.

I’ve heard an increasing number of people say recently, as if confessing something, that they can’t tell the difference between different strains. A few are virulent. “It’s bullshit,” one friend ranted. “There is no difference between all these strains in how you feel.” Even Willie Nelson has confessed to feeling befuddled by the boundless varieties of bud and their claims to produce different highs.

It is an existential question almost. But it’s also obvious. I mean tequila gives you a way different drunk than wine. But being stoned can tend to promote contemplation, and so even growers who are interested in terpenes — the chemical compounds responsible for the taste and smell of plants, including cannabis — and think that they create the quality of the high as much as the more popular THC and CBD compounds, can sound mystical. Steve Herin, who has a farm in Pueblo and has twice won second place in the Cannabis Cup, likens it to aromatherapy.
There may be something to that. And different highs can be just like different flavors — subtle, a note of distance here or there. But it can also be like looking at the same content on a different device. Like it’s the same movie if you watch The Godfather on a TV, a telephone or a laptop. But it is a different mode of experience, or, no, a different tone.

If that is true, Forbidden Fruit gives everything a hazy old-school console TV look, with the little waves and flecks of light rolling across the screen. One of my smoking friends made a weird barking sound when trying to describe its effect.

It has a wavy, slow-frequency hyper-relaxed wiggle to it, walking through the streets with a certain loose-legged warble.

The buds in this Indica-heavy strain are a really beautiful tone and texture, with a kind of sugar-cereal taste and a clean and crisp nose. The name is stupid and overblown but don’t let that throw you off. Take a few rips now, and in a few months when you come across it again, it will bring you back to this time and place, an old TV set on the floor.

Strength: 7
Nose: High-altitude air on a rooftop with a hint of pine from a nearby park as you eat cereal
Euphoria: 6
Existential dread: 4
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 4
Drink pairing: A strong cup of diner coffee, black
Music pairing: The Flaming Lips singing Neil Young
Rating: 8

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