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Strain review: Black Ice


This Sativa/Indica blend rates “nearly narcotic in its calming abilities.” - BAYNARD WOODS
  • Baynard Woods
  • This Sativa/Indica blend rates “nearly narcotic in its calming abilities.”
More of a sedate-verging-on-loagy Indica than a geeked-up Sativa, though it’s got a bit of both inside it, Black Ice combines Black Domina (pretty much understood as an Indica bomb that brings with it a brawny body high) and White Widow (a Sativa/Indica compromise straight down the line that’s maybe just mistaken for the strain Ice, another 50/50 strain and maybe hence the name here). It’s a knock-you-the-fuck-out strain. It’ll convert the weed skeptic wet sandwiches in your life who think all weed is the same (because no other weed is quite like this one). And because Black Ice is nearly narcotic in its calming abilities (minus the life-shattering addictive qualities, helloooooo) it’s entry-level evidence for those who don’t buy into pot as a full-stop pain reliever. In short, here’s some pot for true believers in weed-as-medicine and for those who want a reason to believe.

At the same time, especially at its onset, Black Ice — before it sends you into an almost lucid-dreaming state — lets in an openness that gets you feeling loose and dance-y; the apathy of opiates minus the nihilism, so more of a kind of love-the-world dullard joy. This is a refreshing head-fuck, especially because we’ve really hit critical mass with these mash-up strains, where seemingly two types of weed are fused together, often for shits and giggles — say, just because it would seem you can come up with a clever name out of the combination such as Black Ice or Berry White — and the result is a heady hearty high that goes nowhere and just escalates and then simmers off. But not so with Black Ice, where it’s as if two different things are happening in your head, wired and woozy, like two songs playing at the same time yet working together nicely somehow, toward enlightening discord.

Separate from the vibes mannnnnnn, Black Ice is useful. For about a week now, I’ve been enduring a moderate amount of tooth pain, all of which is my fault, mind you. I was house-sitting for a friend, forgot my toothbrush, and rather than walk down the street and get it, I just kind of didn’t brush my teeth for a week, so now my teeth feel like they’re being pulled and tugged all of the time and there is an iridescent halo of hurt around my whole face. All that stinging pain, especially on my back teeth went away while smoking some Black Ice, its effects moseyed through my body, again, not unlike the feeling of an opiate. There’s something to its “ice” name in that it has an almost menthol-ish quality to it when you inhale, creating a heavy cloud of smoke that fills your mouth and seemingly your pores — the first hints of the numbing qualities of this weed that’ll take over your whole shit within 20 minutes or so of smoking and put you in a protective, painless cocoon for awhile. And that’s what you want if you need help sleeping, if you’d like to temporarily float above all your problems, or if your body hurts.

Strength: 9
Nose: Like if there were weed-flavored SweeTARTS
Euphoria: 9
Existential dread: 6
Freaking out when crazy person approaches you: 6
Drink pairing: Cheap beer — something to take the edge off and add more edge later on
Music pairing: Bill Evans, Conversations With Myself
Rating: 7

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