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Whether viewed from a cushy theater seat or the comfort of the couch, films entertain, educate and allow for escape.

Rae Martin
  • Rae Martin

Rae Martin of Wolf Ranch works for Progressive Insurance.

Do films play an important role in society? Yes, I believe they do. They have the ability to educate you on matters you might not otherwise understand.

What makes a good movie? Movies that have meat in them, that give you something to take away after you're done watching it.

Do you have a favorite film? I can't think of just one! I like Lifetime Hallmark movies, things that make you happy.

Kyle Cox
  • Kyle Cox

Kyle Cox of near Garden of the Gods is a juggler and an engineering student.

What makes a good film? Something that doesn't make me bored.

What roles do films play in society? I think they can be anything. They make films about literally everything, and anyone can relate to them somehow.

Do you have a favorite film? Probably Anchorman. I think it's great. It's funny and it's well-written. The jokes are hilarious.

Seth Thompson
  • Seth Thompson

Seth Thompson of Briargate is a basketball coach.

Do films play an important role in society? Yes. With how the world is now, where everyone has a short attention span and doesn't seem like they want to read much, they want information shown to them more than they want to find information on their own through a textbook. I think movies can be informative, and movies can just take you away from reality. Everyone needs a break from that every once and a while. I think people want to be entertained, and people don't want to take their lives so seriously.

What is your favorite genre? My favorite genre is comedy because I love feeling good and happy. I think people need to laugh and smile every single day, and find a moment to not take life too seriously.

How many times a month do you go to the theater to watch a film? What was the last one you saw at the theater? I'd say about three times a month. I love movies. The last one I saw was Suicide Squad. I enjoyed it. I'm a big Batman fan, a big DC fan. My favorite villain is the Joker, and I love what Heath Ledger did in 2008 when he played it, so to see Jared Leto try his part, it was interesting to see how he was going to do. The movie got a lot of criticism because it got so much hype, but so many people came out to see it.

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