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The variety of smoking accessories for cannabis enthusiasts is growing right along with the marijuana-legalization movement, and they make great gifts for family members and friends who partake. In this guide to stoner gift-giving, we'll focus largely on accessories $30 and under, though many useful products can be found by the economical shopper in the $5-to-$10 range. Cannabis users will also appreciate "heady culture" gifts — like pendants, T-shirts, incense, buttons and home decor — offered in head shops, along with smoking aids.

A visit to your local head shop (18 and older only) is the best way to see what's available to enhance one's cannabis experience. One thing to consider when choosing gifts: Does the recipient smoke or vaporize cannabis flower, dab with concentrates, consume edibles, or a mixture of these? That will make a difference in the accessories used, so we'll include suggestions for each method.

Some of the hot trends this year are silicone products of all types, as silicone is non-breakable, heat-proof and easy to clean. Terry Behrman, CEO of Mary Jane`s Glass Haberdasher, which has stores in Pueblo and Colorado Springs, refers to it as "silly-con" because so many products are made from it these days.

Dabbing accessories, too, hold a growing share of the market. "Dabbing is popular with the younger generation," says Becca Stevens, the operations manager for Elev8 and Higher Elevations shops in Colorado Springs. "Anything dab-related is big this year."

We're starting our list with some novelty items that are useful during this "most wonderful time of the year," when parties abound and groups gather to exchange gifts.


"Wake and Bake" Mug: This stoner mainstay is so popular that it can be found at Walmart and on Amazon, and is featured in YouTube videos. It's a mug and pipe in one container that lets users "medicate and caffeinate at the same time," according to the Mary Jane`s Glass Haberdasher site. For a relaxed Christmas morning, one has to admit it sounds like a good idea.


"Double barrel" or "trident" joint holders: Fans of the movie Pineapple Express will remember the special cross joint the actors shared while James Franco waxed on about the "apex of the vortex of joint engineering." Tokers who like to party can use these wooden tools that hold two or three joints for smoking at the same time, good for a crowd at a New Year's Eve party or any serious smoking event.


Dab straws and silicone dab containers: Concentrates do well in silicone because they don't stick to the inside, and a variety of low-cost, colorful dab containers are available in stores. Some have several compartments for different flavor concentrates. And because silicone stands up to high heat, dabbers can actually torch the concentrate right in the silicone tray and inhale the vapors through a glass straw, skipping the pipe in a pinch. A honey bucket is a matched set — you can find some that are locally made at Elev8 and Higher Elevations stores in the Springs.


Homemade edibles: Who doesn't appreciate homemade baked goods over the holidays? Infusing them with cannabis is not difficult, just make sure they are clearly marked and safely kept out of reach of the little ones. Mary Jane's Glass Haberdash carries silicone baking trays in the shape of marijuana leaves that will distinguish one's canna-brownies from other holiday treats.

Canna oil and butter can be purchased, but this is also a good time of year to make it yourself, as the harvest is in and prices are lower. Less-costly shake from trimming is suitable for infusions — oil does not need to be made from buds.

"Pendys" - NAT STEIN
  • Nat Stein
  • "Pendys"

Blown-glass pendants or "pendys": These necklaces are "wearable art" and make a statement that the wearer appreciates the "heady culture" of cannabis. Wear work from your favorite glass artists! While a decent pendy will usually run $25, nug pins, hat pins, stickers and buttons can be had for less.


Under-$10 smoking accessories: There are literally dozens of useful items for under $10 that are used and appreciated by cannabis consumers, from "one hitter" pipes in glass or metal for concert-goers and snowboarders, to Debowler ashtrays, to papers and blunt wraps, "nug jugs" for storage, hemp wick, roach clips and smoke stones. A burning bowl always needs to be stirred, so pokers and stirrers are useful. Elev8 makes a glass swizzle stick that really does the job for $5.


Dab tools: These come in a variety of shapes, priced at $12 to $15 for a single tool, and are used for preparing concentrates. If your budget allows, consider a whole set of dab tools with all the essential shapes. Complete sets sell for $55 to $75.

Raw Cones - NAT STEIN
  • Nat Stein
  • Raw Cones

Raw Cones: Raw is a brand that makes natural hemp rolling papers and a variety of other useful items. Raw Cones are papers with an attached filter that are easy to fill from the bottom, twisting the non-filter end when full. The Raw Loader is an optional tray that easily funnels cannabis into your cone. Raw Cones come in a variety of sizes, depending on how many are going to share the joint.


Doob Tubes: A item related to the one above, these are multi-colored, inexpensive plastic tubes that keep joints safe in a pocket or purse until the right time. The Doob Tube website ( touts them as "airtight, moisture resistant, and odor proof," and they come in two sizes. Rather than giving an empty tube, why not make them ready-to-use with pre-rolls from a marijuana shop?


Dime Bags: Keep glass safe when you take your show on the road in these padded storage bags made from hemp. They come in a variety of sizes, starting at $9. The smallest Dime Bag is just big enough for basic supplies, a lighter, pipe or papers and some ready-to-use flower.


Rolling trays and dab pads: These products, which start at around $10, come in a variety of designs. Rolling trays are helpful for cleaning your flower or rolling joints. With a lip around the edge, spilling is minimized, and it's a good place to store your rolling machine and papers when done. Dab Pads go underneath the rig and are used to lay out one's tools. The fancy ones (around $35) have a non-stick silicone patch on which to place concentrates.

Grinders - NAT STEIN
  • Nat Stein
  • Grinders

Grinders: At $20 to $100, a cannabis grinder is a more expensive accessory, but it's essential for the flower user. Weed won't burn well if it's not ground uniformly. And quality is important with grinders, which adds to the cost. Elev8 and Higher Elevations carry their own grinders in four sizes and a variety of colors, made from airplane-grade aluminum with a powder coating.


"Toker Poker": You can't go wrong with this all-inclusive smoking tool that holds a lighter, hemp wick, a stirring tool and a tamper ( All you need is a pipe and your flower, and you're ready to light up, even under challenging conditions.


Pocket torch: Every dabber needs a good torch, and one that fits in a pocket is very handy. Again, this is a costlier item — you will need to spend $50 and up for a good-quality torch. Stevens at Elev8 says quality is important when purchasing a torch and recommends the Blazer and Vector brands.

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