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Steve Garufi, a Colorado guy


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In the five and a half years that Steve Garufi has lived in Manitou Springs, he has weighed in on everything from the mundane to the surreal. In an ode to himself, Garufi posts tongue-in-cheek "news" stories about his daily life and routine in Colorado -- complete with photos -- on his personal web site,

Garufi's stories, written in a news format complete with headlines, range from his hair consultant's approval rating to photo essays about his journey to Russia. "Police Chief refuses to meet Steve!" screams one headline, after Trinidad's top cop ignored Garufi's request for a personal meeting. "High score gained at Ms. PACMAN machine!" shouts another headline, revealing Garufi's successful all-time personal high score.

Currently unemployed, Garufi recently earned a master's degree in counseling. His "news" might be mundane, but that's kind of the point. "There's usually a funny story if you don't take yourself too seriously."

As many as 200 people, from around the country and even Canada, visit his chat room during the day. "Once in a while, someone visits Manitou and comes up to me and says: 'It's good to meet you! I've been your fan for a year!' "

-- Story by Eddie Kovsky,
photo by Jane McBee


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