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Type in the words "fluoride" and "drinking water" into a typical internet search engine and you'll get hundreds of hits. The sites range from personal diatribes against that link the chemical to every known negative health problem, to superficial hype about fluoride's benefits from water companies and dental groups. Here are just a few sites, however, that attempt to get past knee-jerk reactions and into real research:


This is an interesting site from the American Academy of Family Physicians, which supports fluoridation. The site discusses positive and negative effects of fluoride and includes a chart referencing in this week's cover story that basically suggests infants under six months of age should get no supplemental fluoride. The site also lists numerous other references.


This is a pretty good clearinghouse of scientific abstracts from the anti-fluoride side. The site also contains citations for pro-fluoride articles, but with a disclaimer that many of the studies are funded by pro-fluoride agencies or companies.


This is an interesting document from the union that represents scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency who are highly critical of the way in which national fluoridation limit of 4 parts per million was approved by agency bureaucrats.


Contains a brief article on dental fluorosis.


A fairly typical water company website just to give you an idea of how fluoride is portrayed.

Here are a few local sites and contacts.

Colorado Springs Utilities engineer Lisa Barbato


Also see the utility's website at:

Fluoride critic Dr. Thomas E. Levy

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