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Sour Bobby is a great happy-hour strain


  • Baynard Woods

If things will never get back to “normal” politically or in terms of the climate, at least the damn holidays are over and we can resume the rhythm of our regular insanity. All the Christmas trees, to which I’m allergic, kept me from really enjoying my “Christmas trees,” in the slangy weed sense. That and travel, which kept me rocking edibles and vapes. So now that it is all done and the carcass of that sad-ass murdered tree has been dragged out to the curb, I am deeply enjoying sitting back with some flower in the early days of 2020.

When I turned 40, a wise cousin told me: “Drink less, better whisky. Don’t mix it with pills. If you do, don’t go out. And remember, it can always get worse.” It’s good advice and, because of the seasonal allergy shit, translates especially well to weed here. I want to smoke flower, but I want to be able to smoke less of it until I feel at full capacity again. So small hits of strong strains is my strategy of the moment.

But I was also really looking for some tasty (not just strong) flower, and I chose Sour Bobby, which has a moderate-high THC level, about 21 percent, because it possessed one of the sweetest, most fruity, high-octane odors I’d whiffed in a while. Its odor is a thing of beauty, a sort of aromatherapy in and of itself. It reminds me of honeysuckle and Meyer lemon flowers with a little bit of mint. Smelling it makes me feel like I’m a dog rolling around on my back in a field of clover.
That smell mellows into something almost like fruitier bourbon when it is burnt, especially vaporized, while incineration with flame gives it something like the smokiness of a Japanese whisky.
Sour Bobby buds are also pretty, with pointy Christmas-tree tips rising from stout bottoms. And maybe it was the holiday exhaustion and the coziness of winter and shit, but when I first took a hit, it lifted me up for about 10 minutes and then I found myself lying on the floor with my dog, like a tuckered-out little kid, not sleeping but not awake either. It was the most relaxed I’d been for weeks.

I think it’s the terpenes. Sour Bobby has got a lot of limonene, usually a zesty terp, but it has almost as much myrcene, the relaxing terpene found in mint. The peppy bit comes from Sour Diesel and the dreamy, out-of-body, on-the-floor relaxation from Tres Dawg.

A big truck driving by outside hit the horn and shook me up from where I was lying in my waking dream on the floor and I was suddenly energized and refreshed, but still very high. For me, these waves characterize the strain: a quick uplift followed by a trough and then another uplift and a final trough leveling out. All of that makes it a great after-work, happy-hour strain.

Strength: 8
Nose: Meyer lemon, mint, honeysuckle
Euphoria: 8
Existential Dread: 3
Freaking Out When A Crazy Person Approaches You: 1
Drink Pairing: Johnny Drum whiskey
Music Pairing: “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin
Rating: 8

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