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Youth ballet choreographer creates a new score for Cinderella


The stepsisters are jealous of Cinderellas quidditch - skills.
  • The stepsisters are jealous of Cinderellas quidditch skills.

Alexander Glazunov, director of the USSR's St. Petersburg Conservatory between 1905 and 1930, allegedly sucked down vodka through a rubber tube during lectures. But despite his rock 'n roll reputation, Glazunov made music that sounds more romantic than that of modernists like Sergei Prokofiev.

Holly Marble, co-director of the Ballet Society of Colorado Springs and its performing company, Colorado's Classical Youth Ballet (CCYB), has keyed in to Glazunov's style. For the youth ballet's production of Cinderella, she's arranged Glazunov pieces and forsaken Prokofiev's standard Cinderella.

"The Prokofiev is a bit haunting," says Marble. "It's all written in a minor key, so it's darker. For the youth ballet, I wanted to use a lighter, fairytale sound."

Marble danced to a Glazunov score at the Nevada Ballet Theater, where the Springs native pirouetted for 10 years. Although familiar with Glazunov, it still took Marble more than 50 hours to arrange his music for Cinderella.

From summer to late fall of 2006, Marble spent free time in the upstairs office of her Springs Ranch home, writing ideas onto single sheets of lined paper. Still in jazz pants from teaching at the Ballet Society, Marble would go to friends' houses to hear private Glazunov collections. She spent hours at the radio station KCME, paying particular attention to Glazunov's The Seasons, Opus 67.

"As I listened to the music," says Marble, "I'd see scenes and the story unfolding."

As primary choreographer for the CCYB Cinderella, Marble also considered her brilliant students. Erika Yeager and Angela Wood, who both dance the part of Cinderella, have earned scholarships to continue studying.

of Alexander Glazunov

The Ballet Society of Colorado Springs and Colorado's Classical Youth Ballet

Rampart High School Theatre, 8250 Lexington Drive

Friday, May 18, 7:30 p.m., and Saturday, May 19, 2:30 p.m.

Tickets: $8-$12; for more information, call 272-7078.

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