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The Ted Haggard saga continues unraveling, with revelations that he masturbated in front of Grant Haas, a New Life Church parishioner and that the church responded by paying the young man $179,000 and requesting that he stay quiet.


Barbara Samuel


Has the latest Ted Haggard revelation affected your view of him? Not really. I think he's locked in a world that isn't going to let him be who he is.

Does your view of Haggard lean more toward sympathetic understanding or disgust at his hypocrisy? I feel pity more than anything. I wish for a world where a person could be very religious even evangelical but also gay.

Do you consider homosexuality a major social issue? It's important in that we'll never be a whole society until we learn how to live and let live.

How would you react if your child told you he or she is gay? I'd be happy for him to be whatever he wants to be, needs to be, or really is.


Michelle Bell
Constitution Hills

Trainee and development rep

What's your take on the recent Ted Haggard revelation? I'm kind of neutral. I think everyone makes mistakes, everyone has issues.

Was New Life justified in paying what looks like hush money? As I understand it, they gave that money to [Haas] so he could get therapy. If that's what it was for, it was justified. If it was to buy his silence, no.

Assuming his preaching days are over, what do you see Haggard doing for a living? Capitalizing on his celebrity. Doing interviews, documentaries, talk shows.

How would you respond if you learned your child is gay? I'd explain my beliefs, but I'd be receptive and go on from there in open dialogue.


Pete Sholly
East central

Medical supply rep

What's your take on New Life Church? I've heard that some of the people who go there can be a little overzealous, but I've never had direct contact with anyone from that church.

What do you foresee Haggard doing in the future? He's going to have to get a regular job, like everyone else.

How important is homosexuality as a socio-political issue? I know some people have religious views about it, and they have a right to their views, but it doesn't bother me one way or the other.

How would you react if you learned your child is gay? I'd be concerned in that I know it would mean difficulties for him, but it wouldn't change my feelings at all. I'd support him.


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