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Some Libertarians are more vocal than others


El Paso County Libertarian candidates have fielded candidates running for every statewide office in November, except the board of regents. But some of them are more serious about running than others.

Kerry Kantor, a homeschooling mother and the coordinator of the local secular homeschool support group, is challenging Congressman Joel Hefley, presenting the only opponent for the four-term incumbent. However, according to Steven Gresh, the spokesman for the El Paso County Libertarian Party, Kantor has indicated she does not want her phone number listed and does not plan to make herself available for interviews.

"She doesn't want to be contacted by her home phone," Gresh said.

Other publicity-shy candidates include Michael V. Hechtman, an assistant hotel manager who is running for state representative in District 17 and Bradford A. Ricker, a businessman running in House District 16.

"These candidates are running low-level, low-intensity campaigns," Gresh said. "They are very busy."

"They are unlikely to return phone calls made to them, although, if they were elected they would return phone calls."

Though they may be low-key, Gresh praised his Libertarian Party for at least finding candidates to run in all the races, where some Republicans would otherwise be unopposed.

"The Republicans are the controlling force in El Paso County by huge margins -- more than 2 to 1 and sometimes 3 to 2 over Democrats," Gresh said. "Given that they dominate we want to show the voting public there is an alternative to a Republican message. We support individual freedoms and getting government out of our personal bedrooms.

"We don't have very active candidates in a few races, unfortunately, but the Democrats don't have any candidates at all in several races. There's no excuse for that."

The other Libertarian candidates include:

Senate District 10 candidate Patricia S. Glidewell, a 37-year-old o homeschooling mother of five and U.S. Air Force veteran. She opposes Republican Ron May and Democrat Daniel Tafoya.

Patrick L. Lilly, the prolific letter to the editor writer who lives in "occupied Cheyenne Canyon" Colorado is running for the State Senate District 12 seat against Republican Andy McElhany. There are no Democrats in the race. Lilly is the former chairman of the Colorado Springs chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and a former Libertarian National Platform Committee member.

Carol Geltemeyer is running for state representative in District 15. She's a full-time mother of one and a retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant. She will face Republican newcomer Bill Cadman, who is Congressman Joel Hefley's office manager, and Democrat Steve Bell.

Desiree Hackett Hickson is running for state representative in District 18, against Republican incumbent and wanna-be Speaker of the House Doug Dean, and Democrat Renee Walbert. Hickson is a homeschooling mother of two and a former secretary at Berwick Electric Company.

Colette Wright is running for state representative in District 19 against incumbent Richard Decker and Democrat Don Davidson. Wright's bio indicates she had a rural Midwestern upbringing, is a school volunteer and a petitioner.

Ariane M. Hildenbrandt is running for state representative against Republican incumbent Lynn Hefley in District 20. Hildenbrandt is a full-time mother of four, a part-time professional geologist and a petitioner.

Robert G. Herzfeld is running for state representative in District 21 against incumbent Republican Keith King and Democrat Laurie Picus. Herzfeld is a systems manager and flight instructor.

Kent McNaughton is running for state representative in District 22, where he will face off against Democrat Mike Merrifield and Republican Dave Schultheis. McNaughton is a software engineer, a father of four, an adjunct faculty member at the University of Phoenix and a former Republican precinct committee person.

Ross Glidewell, Patricia's husband, is running for El Paso County Commissioner District 2 against Republican Tom Huffman. Glidewall is a defense contractor with Booz-Allen & Hamilton defense and a retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant.

Computer scientist and Wizard of Oz Toastmasters Club vice president Paul D. Gilbert is running for El Paso County Commissioner District 3. He will face Democrat Fred Hardee and incumbent Republican Chuck Brown.

Software engineer Steven J. D'Ippolito is running for El Paso County Commissioner, District 4. He opposes Republican incumbent Jeri Howells. There are no Democrats in the race.

You can find out more about the candidates by checking out their Web site at:

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