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Solar Roast Coffee, Brickhouse and McCabe's Tavern

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Pueblo Mocha Granita
  • Pueblo Mocha Granita

Solar Roast Coffee

226 Main St., Pueblo, 719/544-2008

Back in the spring of 2010, a couple colleagues and I fell in love with Solar Roast's Bull Breaker: a quad shot of espresso and some foam dusted with cayenne. On a recent visit, seeking to relive the glory and introduce it to a newbie, I learned that the drink had been officially renamed and reconstructed as the Pueblo Mocha on the hot drink menu and the Pueblo Mocha Granita ($5.05/large) on the cold drink side — which feels kinda like hearing that your favorite band just released a new song.

To the same four shots and spice hit, this new-to-me beast adds ice and house-made espresso ice cream plus Ghirardelli mocha powder and then a whipped-cream top in a chocolate sauce-drizzled cup. All the creaminess and sweetness cuts the heat, so it's more tame than the original manly drink, but still damn pleasant and full of enough caffeine and feistiness to split between two sippers. — Matthew Schniper

A burger from Brickhouse
  • A burger from Brickhouse

Brickhouse Bar and Grill

424 S. Nevada Ave., 645-8904,

Though it could be described in a variety of ways, at its core Brickhouse is a downtown biker bar with a boner. Since you won't find anything on draft much more exotic than PBR, you could instead opt for a shot called Cum on a Mattress, ordered from the bar-tending BHB Babes, at a theme night like Flirt Fest, which was held on Valentine's Day. (And let's not forget the Commodores' take on the name.)

But I like a double entendre as much as the next dork, so it was time to test the menu. Actually, I was never handed anything in writing, just told I could get a hamburger and fries, or some popcorn chicken, but not much else. So, a burger ($7) and Budweiser it was, and I'll tell you: It wasn't bad. You get the sense that they're cooked well-done no matter what's requested, but it was just big enough that it almost didn't fit in my mouth. — Bryce Crawford

Taco Tuesday at McCabe's
  • Taco Tuesday at McCabe's

McCabe's Tavern

520 S. Tejon St., 633-3300,

Watching the World Cup was a good reason to hit McCabe's, but Taco Tuesday is a better one: For three hours, between 6 and 9 p.m., Mexican beers drop to $2 while their crunchy cousins fall to just a buck each. Of course, at that price, there's nothing overly fancy here, but the yellow shells can be filled with a nice variety — shredded chicken, ground beef, fish or black beans — and arrive as quickly as impulse allows.

If meat's the ticket then fish, specifically cod, is the winner: flaky, moist and offset with a bit of fresh cabbage. Shredded chicken won't hurt you, either, with its spice and a little succulence, but the ground beef is dry and a bit funky. McCabe's is a leader in the bar-food scene, so I wouldn't mind whatever more creativity the food budget would allow, but I had dinner and a Tecate out the door for around seven bucks, so ... — Bryce Crawford

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