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Snow Daze



One glance in this snowman's eyes will tell you that winter weirdness is not limited to the arctic north. There's something familiar in that snowdazed gaze. I think I saw it years ago in the eyes of the guys who kidnapped my dog out of Boulder Crescent Park one blizzardy day, whisking him away while he raised his leg on a bush on the perimeter of his own back yard. They kept him for three days before thinking to call the number on his tag, never realizing that the address was the same address they'd taken him from, the same address where a friend of theirs lived. It was Block Break. There were mushrooms involved.

As we head into Solstice week, those Colorado Springs residents who have put off their plans for a full-blown snowed-in immersion in winter are left with little choice but to submit to the Snow Meister. Whether hitting the backcountry, dipping in the hot springs, or hibernating by the fire with a pile of unfinished books and a cupboard full of cocoa, participation is mandatory and opting out is not an option.

As a guide for the chillin'ly challenged, the Indy has assembled a collection of stories to address your wintry requisites, a "how-to" for doing the daze. There's the old joke about what you call 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, but as ground-breaking court cases play out in Colorado, you may find it hard to bomb the blue slopes without crashing into a pack of litigators, snowbound subpoenas in tow. "License to Thrill" (page 18) offers a run-down on the new accountability for snowriders, while "Going Snowbile" (page 21) details a truly alternative mode of powdery locomotion. For those inclined to keep it inside, "Leaves of Snow" (page 22) takes a virtual tour of some of literature's snowiest moments, and "Can-do Candles" (page 23) leads readers through some creative crafts to get the blood flowing. Finally, "Trailside Treats" ( page 31) spills the beans on day-trip delights and creative cooking for the long haul. Clip. Save. Do whatever it takes to keep your blood from running cold and your dogs close to home.

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