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Slamm Cyber Café's new take on an old model


  • Griffin Swartzell
Back in ‘98, backpacks over shoulders and Eurail passes in hand, we traveled Europe. We stopped weekly to email families and friends via pay-by-the-minute net cafés. Times have changed, so there’s a certain throwback feel to seeing countertops with HP laptops at newly opened Slamm Cyber Café. Here, they’re free to use for work, gaming or whatnot, overseen by co-owner and former tech worker Matthew Gilbertson. His wife and co-owner Leandra acknowledges a wait-and-see element to Slamm’s concept, to find out if it catches on with nearby students and businesspeople.

Meanwhile, local High Rise roasted coffee flows, more second-wave than third-, meaning non-traditional (larger) pour sizes on basics like a cappuccino ($3.15/12-ounce), in turn meaning an overly milky approach. Not bad, but it buries any coffee nuance, just like a flat white ($4.15/12-ounce), properly velvety but not espresso-flavor dominant.

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