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Skybox Lounge and the search for the "best" broasted chicken in town


Broasted chicken at Skybox Lounge - GRIFFIN SWARTZEZLL
  • Griffin Swartzezll
  • Broasted chicken at Skybox Lounge
We’re tempted by daily specials like a French dip or New England clam chowder at this quiet, low-ceiling dive bar on a lunch visit, but only briefly. We’re there on a mission to find broasted chicken — that is, pressure-fried chicken — that we’ve been told is superlative at Skybox Lounge, even some of the best in town. “Best” is a hard thing to test for, but we can certainly say the chicken’s good and surprisingly affordable here.
Location Details Skybox Lounge
2102 E. Bijou St.
Colorado Springs, CO
We order a four-piece combo ($9.89), which comes with two biscuits and a side. We opt for broasted potatoes, basically extra thick deli-style wedges that arrive non-greasy and tender throughout with a big crunch. Protein-wise, we get a wing, a leg, a breast and a thigh. The spicing’s mild, but there’s no denying the satisfying crunch of the coating or the juicy tenderness of the meat within. Like the potatoes, it’s not greasy, either. Our biscuits arrive a little dry and tasting of shortening, the least impressive part of the meal.

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