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...with Blitzen Trapper of Eric Earley



Indy: Your band's sound is really difficult to describe. You've been compared to everyone from Pavement and Sonic Youth to the Grateful Dead, XTC and Frank Zappa. How do you describe the Blitzen Trapper sound?

EE: As far as production, there are a lot of, like, hip-hop influences in the way it's put together, the way things are kind of non-linear. And I feel there's also a lot of country influence as well and not just country, but American folk music and American music. I also feel like there's, like, a lot of just guitar rock, classic rock ... I feel like those are the three strongest influences in the record.

Indy: You've said your band isn't for the casual music listener, and your current release, Wild Mountain Nation, can take a few listens to sink in. Is that how you see it, too?

EE: I think Wild Mountain Nation, that record is definitely not as the production on this one is not as friendly as typical records. But that's that record's trip. I won't make another record like that one. But our record, I think it's a difficult record for a lot of listeners. I don't know, it's done pretty well, actually. It's done a lot better than I thought it would. I wouldn't judge anything that comes later from that one.

Indy: You've signed to Sub Pop Records. Why was it time to leave the ranks of do-it-yourself bands?

EE: It's really infrastructure, like handling a national tour. I mean, just the whole thing. You just need a label with money and people to keep working at the level that you want to.

At Denvers hi-dive, April 14.

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