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Sixty Seconds

... with Dale Stewart of Seether



Indy: Let's cut straight to what everyone wants to know: After the failed relationship between Evanescence's Amy Lee and Seether singer Shaun Morgan, please tell us there is a no-dating rule between your frontman and Flyleaf singer Lacey Mosley on this tour.

DS: Uh, yeah. That may be kind of an unspoken rule, because that kind of stuff very easily becomes weird. It's kind of like hooking up with a co-worker and then trying to avoid them. We've been down that road before, and it didn't work out too good.

Indy: Well, we did get plenty of drama and some good music out of the experience.

DS: There's enough life experiences to draw from without making everyone else ... awkward. I think that's better left untouched.

Indy: Congrats on your new album, Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces. We're particularly enjoying "FMLYHM (Fuck Me Like You Hate Me)." But we have to ask, does that work for you?

DS: I think often the more subtle approach is better. However, there's one of two reactions if you say something like that: You're either going to get slapped in the face, or you're going to get [laid]. There is no beating around the bush, so it's good.

Indy: Don't get it twisted I love the high-risk, high-reward aspect.

DS: Yeah, it's kind of like gambling.

John Benson

At Denver's Fillmore Auditorium, April 8.

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